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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  September 1, 2010 3:20am-4:30am EDT

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satisfied just send it back for a full refund, no questions asked. but you can keep tony's extreme ab ripper workout and the p90x nutrition plan as our gift just for trying. [siren wails] hold everything! now, when you call in the next five minutes, we'll also upgrade your order to express delivery, a $15 value, absolutely free. so you don't have to wait four weeks for shipping. you'll have p90x guaranteed in just five to seven business days. [♪...] don't wait-- order p90x and get the hard body you've always wanted. call now! [♪...] the preceding has been a paid presentation brought to you by >> mrgeant joe meyers is
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in iraq right now. >> not knowing, later at school -- >> there's my daughter. >> hey, baby. come here. >> daddy! >> reporter: in another classroom, a navy s.e.a.l., senior chief terry doss, appearing in daughter terian's third grade. waiti ining one year for daddy come home. >> reporter: and in san antonio, texas, another surprise. little taylor rias can't believe her eyes. >> i was thinking it was something different but it was my daddy.
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>> reporter: eight months without him, an eternity for a 5-year-old. >> it's a real joy to see her run to me like that. i'm not going to cry. >> reporter: when you're finally together, feeling too much to say. like marine staff sergeant mike epperson, surprising his two daughters at their school assembly in ohio. >> i wasn't going to cry. i haven't seen them in almost eight months. >> reporter: and in his honor, a song about the home of the brave and moms and the dads. ♪ and the home of the brave >> what a beautiful moment it must be for those families when those soldiers come home. really incredible. >> that's why these soldiers when you talk to them, when dan harris does these pieces in baghdad, when you talk to these harris does these pieces in baghdad, when you talk to these soldiers that's the moment t
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president obama declares a change in iraq. >> i am announcing that the american combat mission in iraq has ended. >> he says now the iraqi people have lead responsibility for their own security. hurricane earl, incoming. and in north carolina, they are getting ready for a potential direct hit. >> gather up those supplies, put them in that water-tight box. and a bitter battle. not over money or children. at stake is one of baseball's marquee franchises. >> that is way out and gone! >> it's wednesday, september 1st. >> from abc news, this is "world news now." >> all right, so a lot of people on the east coast now eyeing hurricane earl. here we go again. in the cone of possibility lies north carolina, even up farther north to the cape, it could be
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nasty. we've got to watch it. >> coming up on a holiday weekend, everyone has big plans. celebrating the end of summer. we'll have thorough coverage on this show and on "good morning america" later on this morning. good morning, everyone, i'm rob nelson. >> i'm mike marusarz. vinita nair is on vacation. defense secretary robert gates arrived in iraq this morning as u.s. troops are marking a major milestone. >> it is the official end of u.s. combat operations in iraq some seven years after that war first began. president obama made the official announcement last night from the oval office. here now is john hendren. >> reporter: the announcement was seven years, five months, 13 days in the making. >> so tonight i am announcing that the american combat mission in iraq has ended. >> reporter: it wasn't mission accomplished but a suggestion of a promise fulfilled. >> this was my pledge to the
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american people as a candidate for this office. last february i announced a plan that would bring our combat brigades out of iraq. while redoubling our efforts to strengthen iraq's security forces and support its government and people. that's what we've done. >> reporter: the president called the withdrawal a transition, a seismic shift to an advise and assist role. >> the americans who have served in iraq completed every mission they were given. >> reporter: republicans reminded americans then candidate obama opposed president bush's troop surge. >> some leaders who opposed, criticized, fought tooth and nail to stop the surge strategy now proudly claim credit for the results. >> reporter: ending the war isn't just in iraq's interest, the president said, it's in our own. after spending vast sums on the war, he says, it's time to turn the nation's attention home ward. >> our most urgent task is to restore our economy and put the millions of americans who have lost their jobs back to work. >> reporter: combat operations
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may be over but 50,000 american troops remain in iraq. conventional forces to advise and assist iraqi troops, and commandos to continue the hunt for al qaeda insurgents. john happen dren, abc news, washington. >> later in the broadcast we'll have more what the soldiers still on the ground in iraq the president is turning his attention to mideast peace as he prepares to jump start talks for the first time in nearly two years. the president is meeting separately today with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and palestinian president mahmoud abbas. it's ahead of formal negotiations set for tomorrow. meanwhile there was an attack in the west bank yesterday, possibly designed to disrupt the talks. four israelis were killed when a palestinian gunman opened fire on a car. for the millions living along the east coast it is now a big game of wait and see for hurricane earl. the governor of virginia is set to declare a state of emergency in his state today. and in north carolina, hundreds of residents living on the outer
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banks have been ordered to evacuate as the cat 4 storm approaches. the governor gave this warning to residents. >> any person who lives on the coast of north carolina, or any person who has reason to think the storm track might go over their house, ought to go out and gather up those supplies, put them in that water-tight box. it doesn't cost a lot to buy batteries and snacks and water to get through three or four days. medicine if you need it. evacuation plans if the worst should happen. but only we can take care of ourselves. we have all of the players from the most remote part of north carolina to the most urban part all on ready. we're set. and when the hurricane hits we can go. >> tense days ahead for those folks. not since hurricane bob in 1991 has such a powerful storm had such a large swath of the east coast in its sights. that's according to the national hurricane center. >> as we know, even a slight change in the storm's track could make an enormous difference.
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>> with more on the possible path, we're joined by accuweather's jeanette calle. good morning, jeanette. >> hey, there, rob and mike. the tropics active as we head into this 1st day of september. hurricane earl a major hurricane north of hispanola throughout the day today. it's going to run east of the bahama islands. we do have fiona on its tail moving westward, set to impact the leeward islands with tropical storm force winds and also heavy rainfall. here's the forecast eye path with hurricane earl. increased wave activity across the southeast coast throughout the day today. it's going to make its closest approach to the outer banks of north carolina late thursday into thursday night, perhaps as a cat 3 hurricane. there is a hurricane watch in effect north of surf city, north carolina, into the north carolina/virginia border. all along the eastern seaboard this labor day weekend will feel the impacts of hurricane earl. we're talking about destructive waves, also peak wind gusts over 65 miles an hour.
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perhaps even some heavy rainfall. rob, mike? >> jeanette, thank you. here's the rest of your wednesday weather. stormy in the nation's midsection with golf ball-sized hail, 80-mile-an-hour winds in the dakotas, nebraska and kansas. showers and thunderstorms from dallas to chicago. light rain from washington state to montana. >> 90s along the east coast from boston down to miami. 86 in detroit. 84 in kansas city. 79 in minneapolis. phoenix heating up to 103. sacramento 95. 70s in portland and boise. in other news a big political upset is being called a huge victory for sarah palin and the tea party movement. alaska senator lisa murkowski has conceded defeat in her state's republican primary in the midst of an absentee ballot recount. in a very, very close contest she lost to joe miller. he's a conservative lawyer who sarah palin had backed. miller is also a west point graduate and a veteran of the gulf war. he painted murkowski as simply too liberal.
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we mentioned president obama's oval office address last night. if you caught the president's speech, you may have noticed something a little bit different about his surroundings. >> the oval office has been given a new look to reflect the current commander in chief. the facelift includes some new wallpaper, tables and chairs, and there's a new oval rug which includes quotations from not only abraham lincoln but teddy roosevelt, jfk, and martin luther king. >> the white house did not reveal the price tag in the makeover but said it is in line with presidents clinton and bush as far as what they spent. >> not financed by taxpayers. >> right. it was all personally paid for. apparently the couches and new lamps and tables are all made in america. so keeping with that american theme, very appropriate. >> it's almost as big as our offices. >> yeah. yeah, we wish, right? not. >> back with more right after this. pick a city.
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back to our top story this half hour. president obama's oval office announcement that the u.s. combat operations in iraq have ended. >> there will still be 50,000 u.s. soldiers in that country but their mission has changed. dan harris has more now from camp victory outside of baghdad. >> now our escorts are leaving us because we're leaving the city proper. >> reporter: t minus eight days until the end of the combat mission and i'm sitting in the back of a u.s. military vehicle sweating like a proverbial pig in full body armor in 120-degree heat. when we hear this report come over the radio. >> it is an ied. >> i think it's probably a pretty fair assessment. >> talking about two bombs a day, for people at home who might be tempted to conclude the war is over. it seems like it contradicts
3:42 am
that assertion. >> is there violence in iraq? yeah, absolutely. yeah, there's still bad things happening. >> reporter: these days, though, it is mostly the iraqis, not the americans, who are on the front lines. they lead most of the patrols, and at this joint checkpoint, it's the iraqi troops searching the cars while american soldiers monitor via video feeds. i would imagine you joined the military to be a soldier, to fight. do you ever get bored? >> it's a little different. but this is what you do. my job is now, this is what i've been asked to do. >> reporter: t minus seven days until the end of the combat mission and al qaeda in iraq launches a coordinated devastating series of attacks, mostly against iraqi security forces. all over the country. we're with the u.s. army's desert roads battalion outside of mosul when the initial reports start coming in.
3:43 am
>> apparently a report this morning -- >> a car bomb? >> a car bomb. the latest report is the iraqis on the ground identified it, shot at it, and it exploded before hurting anyone. very successful. >> reporter: the iraqi troops here in mosul may have responded effectively. but they were clearly taken by surprise by most of the other attacks, which raises perhaps the most burning question in this country right now -- as the americans withdraw, are the iraqis capable of picking up the slack and keeping this country safe? >> nice to meet you. >> reporter: lieutenant colonel ross kaufmann, the charismatic commander who's been hosting us on this embed, echoes the optimistic white house line on this score. you trust them? >> absolutely. the change in the iraqi army over my three tours has been immense. they are professional, they're focused, and they're capable of conducting the mission. >> reporter: but kaufmann's own
3:44 am
soldiers who live and work right next to the iraqi soldiers are less certain. how ready do you think these guys are? >> i think that they're a lot more ready than they were a couple of years ago but they've still got a ways to go. >> reporter: the iraqis don't do themselves any public relations favors when they greet our camera inside their barracks by dancing and toying with their guns. and check out what this iraqi first lieutenant admitted to us. with the american combat troops leaving can the iraqi army keep the peace here? to be honest, he says, we need a couple more years. t minus three days until the end of combat and i'm out on the streets of baghdad. to be fair, it's glaringly obvious that iraqi troops who have been in charge here for months are doing a pretty good job keeping the peace. now families are out having ice cream and fancy new restaurants are opening up. although they will pat you down for weapons before you can get a table. yet so many of the iraqis we meet are deeply, darkly pessimistic.
3:45 am
including this off-duty cop. even though you are a police officer, you don't think the iraqi forces can keep this country safe without the americans here anymore? >> yes, i don't think so. we don't have enough weapons, we are not ready for this mission. >> reporter: we're frequently asked by complete strangers if we can help them leave this country and come to america. why do you want to leave here? >> it's no good. >> no good here? >> no good. >> why not? everything? everything. >> reporter: while violence is way down, hundreds of civilians are still being killed here every month. basic services like power and trash removal are spotty at best. and perhaps most corrosively, five months after they held national elections here, the politicians cannot agree on forming a new government. leaving a potentially dangerous power vacuum. t minus one day until the end of combat.
3:46 am
vice president joe biden spends the day meeting with all the major political players, trying to cajole them into cutting a deal. the local news channels cover it all wall to wall. but when president obama gives his speech from the oval office -- >> i am announcing that the american combat mission in iraq has ended. >> reporter: -- it's in the middle of the night here, and not many people in this anxious nation are awake to hear it. this is dan harris in baghdad. and some lighter news coming up when we come back in "the skinny." actor michael douglas is speaking out for the first time about his battle with cancer. >> and guess who was caught onstage dirty dancing with snoop dogg? it's coming up in "the skinny." ♪three blind mice, ♪three blind mice, ♪see how they run, ♪see how they run... ♪ ♪
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3:48 am
it is that time again. back in "the skinny." >> that's right. lot of stuff going on. lots is going on. >> lot of stuff happening. we start off with a somewhat
3:49 am
serious story. michael douglas promoting the big "wall street 2" movie. "wall street 2" is coming out soon and michael douglas now revealing he has stage iv cancer, which is a shock to a lot of people. >> it's progressed that far. he was on letterman last night speaking publicly for the first time. >> absolutely. in fact, he was upbeat about it though and joked with letterman about the seriousness of his cancer. >> is stage iv where you want to be or not where you want to be? >> no. you want to be down at stage i. >> stage i? >> it has not -- the big thing you always worry about is spreading. i am head and neck. i am above the neck. so nothing's going down. and the expectations are good. >> do they find it early enough for their liking? >> i sure as [ muted ] hope so. >> hasn't lost that comic
3:50 am
timing. >> no, not at all. >> not at all. >> he's a week into treatment and he said the doctors and people around him who are treating him say there's about an 80% chance that they're going to knock it out successfully. >> which is great news. 65 years old, had a sore throat earlier in the summer, went in for some tests. they didn't initially find anything but then came back at stage iv. thoughts and prayers with him. he looked good, all things considered. >> looks good, and on the road to recovery. >> let's hope for sure. much lighter note now, apparently snoop dogg, i know your favorite. >> i am -- >> i know. >> he's a timeless american icon. mt. rushmore. >> yeah. >> his face should be right there along the others. >> there's snoop. apparently he gave a big show in vegas this past weekend. all of a sudden, someone i'm sure we all know popped up onstage and kind of got a little freaky there onstage. >> whoo, watch out. >> you can tell -- maybe, it's
3:51 am
actually demi moore up onstage jiving with snoop a little bit. >> and the guy on the right is her husband. ashton kutcher. >> that's right. she's breaking it down. >> whoa. >> see, she didn't lose those schools she learned in "striptease," which is very, very comforting. ashton didn't mind her having fun, enjoying the whole thing with his wife. demi is still in good shape, throwing it around in vegas, good for her. >> how about that couple. >> i want pictures. >> they're probably twittering all the way about it as well. >> millions and millions of followers. she looks good, work it, girl. >> no doubt about that. you watched the emmys a couple of nights ago. sofia vergara? is that how you say her name? >> i say it doesn't matter. the hot one from "modern family." >> absolutely, and there she is. apparently she may become florida's first lady, so to speak. the guy she's dating is apparently going on run for governor. he hasn't been so successful in his past runs with political
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here some are stories to watch today on abc news. hurricane earl is spiraling toward a potential landfall along the east coast of the u.s. some evacuations have already been ordered along the north carolina coast. also, president obama launches a new attempt at mideast peace today. he's meeting separately at the white house with israeli and palestinian leaders and hosting a dinner for both of them later tonight. also, apple is holding a so-called special event today in san francisco that may involve an announcement about the ipod. analysts are speculating that the purchase of -- sorry, purchase of individual television shows may become available. and finally this half hour, the divorce fight in the world of sports that does not involve tiger woods. >> thankfully. it does involve the owners of the l.a. dodgers. frank and jamie mccourt. as mike von fremd reports they're both taking some pretty
3:56 am
nasty swings at each other. >> reporter: with the los angeles dodgers' playoffs hopes fading fast, the real spectacle is in los angeles divorce court. team owner frank mccourt and his wife jamie have opened the curtain on a lifestyle so lavish, they even spent six figures to hire an astrologer as a consultant. >> this dodger organization is a cash cow. there's plenty of money to go around. >> reporter: frank mccourt's lawyers say his wife jamie gave up all rights to the team's fortune in exchange for the security of sole ownership of the couple's six magnificent homes. >> that was her nest egg. didn't want to take a risk on his foolish, dodgy investment in the dodgers. well, she turned out to be the wrong. the dodgers have blossomed and the real estate market's gone down. >> reporter: according to "forbes" magazine the team has nearly doubled in value since mccourt became chairman in 2004. wife jamie, who has a law
3:57 am
degree, now says she was defrauded by her husband and did not knowingly sign away her rights to the team. sports writers here say the owners' bitter public battle is taking a terrible toll. >> it's littered the place and it's turned it into a virtual cesspool of rumor and innuendo and absurdity and it's definitely affected the team. >> reporter: for years the high-priced players have taken the heat from fans in comics. now it's the owners in the batter's box. >> oh, this is getting ugly. this is an ugly divorce. of course, on the bright side, the one thing they won't have to fight over, world series tickets. yeah. >> reporter: the dodgers may be far from the world series. but their owners, the mccourts, are in for a world-class fight. mike von fremd, abc news, los angeles. >> divorces are never pretty. but with that much cash on the table, whoo. >> often you argue about kids, in this case it's a baseball team.
3:58 am
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4:00 am
here comes hurricane earl. >> increased wave activity throughout the southeast today. >> warnings from the mid-atlantic to new england and evacuations have already been ordered. president obama says a promise about the war in iraq fulfilled. and more than seven years after it started, "operation iraqi freedom" is over. teen gambling. >> i'm trying to make a profit. i pay my rent, i pay my bills by playing poker. >> they are winning and losing lots of money. just guess where they're learning all about high-stakes poker. it's wednesday, september 1st. >> from abc news, this is "world news now." >> it used to be you'd go to any college campus and you'd talk about poker and people are playing poker. now even high schools and middle schoolers are going into the rooms and online and cashing in.
4:01 am
>> that is scary too. you know, i'm more of a blackjack guy than poker. still, kids that young getting into it? >> espn world series of poker, young champions who have been doing it for years. we'll have the story coming up. >> should be interesting stuff. good morning, everybody, i'm rob nelson. >> i'm mike marusarz. vinita nair is on vacation. evacuations have been ordered in north carolina as hurricane earl could make landfall tomorrow or early friday. the storm still packing 135-mile-an-hour winds as it moves to the northwest. >> fema is now warning millions of residents up and down the east coast to prepare for possible evacuations, depending on the storm's track. >> the history tells us that we've had very dangerous storms that have hit the northeast before. and as the hurricane center's telling everybody, from the carolinas to maine, you really need to pay attention to this storm and make sure you're ready and have a plan today. >> going to have to wait to see exactly what happens when the storm gets close by.
4:02 am
if we close the beaches, and if we shut them down and keep people out of the water, we'll be okay. >> a tense few days ahead. even if earl does stay well offshore, it will kick up some pretty rough surf and dangerous rip currents up and down the coast that could ruin the labor day holiday for millions of folks. >> with more on the track of the storm we're joined by accuweather's jeanette calle. good morning, jeanette. >> good morning, rob and mike. the tropics still very much active as we head into this 1st day of september. we have two named storms in the atlantic basin. of course we have this major hurricane earl. north of hispanola. throughout the day today it's going to run east of the bahamas. on its tail here is fiona moving westward, approaching the leeward islands. the leeward islands throughout the day today will be dealing with tropical storm force winds and also some heavy rainfall. here's the forecast eye path for hurricane earl. increased wave activity across the southeast coast throughout
4:03 am
the day today and it's going to make its closest approach to the outer banks of north carolina late thursday into thursday night, perhaps a cat 3 hurricane. there is a hurricane watch already in place north of surf city, north carolina, into the north carolina/virginia border. it's going to take a more northeasterly track as we head into the labor day weekend and peapsting england coast by this lbor weekend with destructive waves. peak wind gusts over 65s roanrhapn some heavy >> all right, jeanette, t as for the rest o forecast now, severe storms from the dakotas to kansas. hail, gusty winds and a chance of tornados in wichita, omaha, and sioux city. showers and thunderstorms from the southern plains to the great nores. >> ju and seattl 91 in colorado prin 95 in sacramento. 77 in fargo. 81 in chicago. 86 in detroit. 90s along the entire east coast and gulf coast. in other news this morning
4:04 am
defense secretary robert gates has arrived in iraq to meet with u.s. troops as they formally close down their combat mission. president obama made the formal announcement last night from the oval office. john hendren joins us now from ashington with more on the >> reporter: hi, rob, good morning. the president spoke from the same desk president buin 2003 to declare war in iraq. and with another simple declaration, president obama said, it's over. >> good evening. >> reporter: the announcement was seven years, five months, and 13 days in the making. >> so tonight, i am announcing that the american combat mission in iraq has ended. >> reporter: it wasn't mission accomplished, but a suggestion of a promise fulfilled. >> this was my pledge to the americaneas fr fice last february, i announced a plan that would bring our combat brigades out of iraq. now redoubling our efforts to strengthen iraq's security forces and support its government and people. that's what we've done.
4:05 am
>> reporter: the president called the withdrawal a transition, a seismic shift to an advise and assist role. >> the americans who have served in iraq completed every mission they were given. >> reporter: republicans reminded americans then candidate obama opposed iden's tug. >> somees wpose criticized,ght nail to stop the surge strategy now proudly claim credit for the result. >> reporter: ending the war isn't just in iraq's interests, the president said, it after spending vast sums on the war, he said, it's time to turn the nation's attention homeward. >> our most urgent task is to restore our economy and put the millions of americans who have lost their jobs back to work. >> reporter: this morning in baghdad, u.s. troops arng a change of command ceremy marking the end of "operation iraqi freedom" and the beginning of "operation new dawn," and a new mission for the 50,000 u.s. troops who will remain in iraq. rob? >> john hendren reporting from washington, thanks, john. and president obama is preparing to play ho t t
4:06 am
israeli and palestinian lea in wn.y resume stalce abc's simon mcgreggor-wood is in the middle east where violence has erupted again. good morning, simon. >> reporter: good morning, mike, from jerusalem. that's right, president obama gets personally involved in the peace process again today in washington. he has a very ambitious plan, trying to bring mideast peace that has eluded so many of his predecessors for the last 60 years in less than a year. there were talks already yesterday in washington, the moderate palestinian leader president abbas sitting down for a one on one with secretary clinton as she met later with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. as i said, the president will have meetings with both those two men separately, also with the king of jordan and the president of egypt late today before hosting this launch dinner at the white house later this evening. tomorrow the first official negotiations between the two sides in over 18 months starts at the state department.
4:07 am
but already these talks are under a shadow. the shadow of the murder last night in the west bank of four israelis, gunned down at point-blank range by a palestinian gunman near the palestinian city of hebron. hamas, the militant islamic organization, claiming responsibility for that attack. they are, of course, not invited to these talks. they have rejected the process. and last night they made their views about this new peace process only too clear. mike? >> simon mcgreggor-wood in jerusalem this morning, thank you. a republican senator is conceding defeat in what's being called a big win for the tea party movement. senator lisa murkowski conceded the alaska primary last night while absentee ballots were still being counted. she narrowly lost to joe miller, a conservative lawyer. he's also a gulf war veteran and is supported by former vice presidential candidate sarah palin and the tea party movement. now we're making what many would consider a hard turn. make a hard turn here. many people want to be like
4:08 am
their favorite celebrities. we know this, right? a bulgarian man might be taking the idea way too far. he wants to have a sex change so he can be a body double of the singer lady gaga. >> yes indeed. the 24-year-old told radaronline that he feels the operation will launch his music career. it's not the first time he's received media attention for cross-dressing. he was on the bulgarian version of "big brother" where he convinced cast members that he was a woman. >> if you're going to go for something, you might as well stand up and go full out. and that's what he's doing. >> full frontal. >> is that her hit song? >> get out of this while we can. we'll be right back. [ female announcer ] swiffer dust & shine with febreze freshness is scientifically designed to clean and help eliminate odors. you may never go back to your old furniture polish. ♪ she blinded me with science
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those two men arrested in amsterdam, suspected of being on a dry run of a terrorist attack, might not be terrorists after all. >> the fbi is now backing off that claim after learning more about the men and the suspicious items in their luggage. brian ross reports. >> reporter: a passenger on a united flight from chicago to amsterdam took this video of the two men being taken off the plane monday by dutch authorities. the u.s. had sent an alert after suspicions about the contents of their luggage and a last-minute change in their flights. but it turns out the last-minute change in flights was innocent. the two men missed their original flights at o'hare field in chicago sunday because of a gate change, and united rebooked them. in fact, authorities now believe the two men -- ahmed al soofi and hezam al murisi, though both from yemen, did not know each
4:13 am
other, and were seated together only because united rebooked them that way. as for the luggage, law enforcement officials said the cell phones, including one taped to a pepto-bismol bottle, were strange but not illegal. one of al soofi's friends in detroit said, it's not uncommon for people returning to yemen to bring cell phones and medicine for others taped together. >> they want to tape it together to make sure this is my stuff, give it to my wife, my son, whatever i send it to. >> reporter: u.s. officials seem to accept that explanation, and the department of homeland security said the incident showed the airport security system is working and able to respond quickly to potential threats. the two men are still being held by the dutch, but u.s. authorities who were so concerned on monday are now saying they see no reason to hold the men or their cell phones or their pepto-bismol any longer. brian ross, abc news, new york. >> there's still not a decision whether to formally charge these guys or not. i guess my take on the story is even though this was a false
4:14 am
alarm the good news is as we approach the ninth anniversary of 9/11 that we are catching more and more of this. had it not been a false alarm we would have prevented a tragedy. that should be at least comforting to a lot of us. >> no doubt about it. this is the modern day. this is what we can expect. and look, when you -- whatever reason you are going to do this, if you tape cell phones or blackberries to pepto-bismol bottles you're going to raise red flags or you should, in this case they did, federal authorities cracked down, and we have what we have, an investigation. >> new world. when we come back, teens doubling down. a look inside the world of teenage gambling. >> how easy it is for them to find the game and even fall into debt. that
4:15 am
welcome back, everybody. the world of gambling has been glorified in movies and
4:16 am
primetime poker tournaments and all that. it should not be any kind of surprise that teens want a little piece of all that action. >> that's true. what should be surprising however is how easy it is for these teens to get dealt in. it's all thanks partially to online poker. here's john donvan. >> reporter: vegas is for winning. which is the whole point, of course. and there are all kinds of ways to win. but then there is the joe cada way of winning. which is to win so big, last year's world series of poker, this was him, that now when joe cada comes to town he gets his own security escort, he gets the private trip upstairs, and when he gets there, the party is all for him. all this at such a young age it seems he's still getting used to it. he's only 22. but all this began for him when he was actually still a teenager. and what made him great was the internet. where he could play more than
4:17 am
2,000 hands of poker a day. while he was the big winner last year -- and you have to be 21 to play here -- it turns out there's a whole new generation of teenagers right behind him who have made the same discovery. you can get good online, very good and very young, without ever leaving your house. joe says poker is his life, but especially when he took it online. >> i started playing online at an early age. when i could. i was always the quieter type. i didn't really go out much. kind of like my means of getting away. one day i kept playing every hour of the day, kept grinding, next thing you know i got to $15,000, $20,000 by the end of the week. >> reporter: at this point he was still only a teenager. just as blaine is a budding joe cada. at 19, two years younger than the u.s. legal gambling age, but nothing prevents his playing these online games that are based offshore. a college student at university of illinois, blaine has a summer
4:18 am
job teaching drums at the same high school he attended. he's got a life. but also, thanks to the internet loophole, he's also got online poker. >> it's a fun game. but, you know, i also treat it as a business. i treat it as a real job. >> is it a real job? >> yeah. absolutely. i'm not gambling to see what's going to happen, i'm trying to make a profit. i pay my rent, i pay my bills by playing poker. it absolutely can be a real job. >> reporter: in fact, in the summer months at least, he still lives at home but he keeps his hand in online in a big way. his mom mary not only supports what he's doing, she gave him his first few hundred bucks to get started. >> i'm proud of him. it's not something that everybody can do. >> she gave me $100, you know. she trusted me right away. and she was wrong in some respects. >> you lost it. >> so she said, try again. she helped me put some more money online. i eventually paid her back for that. that's when i was 18 and i
4:19 am
haven't deposited since, i've just been taking money out. >> reporter: which makes it sound a little bit like running a lemonade stand. but it has to be pointed out that gambling, and not just online, is full of danger. you can get addicted to it, you can get scammed, you can get in way over your head. the stories of young people driven to commit crimes to cover the debts that come from gambling. blaine seems to be aware of the pitfalls and is determined to navigate around them, to take some of the chance out of the game he plays. are you a gambler? are you gambling? >> no, i wouldn't say i'm gambling. >> why not? poker is a gambling game. >> there are elements of chance in poker, absolutely. in the short run it's hard to see skill overcome. playing thousands of hands every month, eventually you see that the more skilled and talented players are winning. >> reporter: in fact, blaine sees what he's doing as giving him a safety net in a financially risky world. if you hadn't discovered poker, what do you think at this point
4:20 am
in your life you would be planning to do? >> i certainly -- i think i'd be a lot more scared. >> why scared? >> because i wouldn't really have a fall-back. poker allows my life to be really flexible. i can maybe study something else in school that wouldn't make me as much money. it lets me try some different things. maybe take some risks. >> reporter: so blaine plugs away at the computer. he won $900 in one hour the night before we met him. he loses $350 here in 45 minutes in one afternoon. as with most professional players, he says the key to making money consistently is to stick with it. in the long run, he believes, persistence will pay off, perhaps ten-fold. how much do you need to win to walk away? >> how much do i need to win? >> yeah, and what's your target number? when do you have enough? >> you know, i might not want to play the same game for 30, 40 years. if i win $1 million tomorrow, i'm not going to stop playing. >> if you won $20 million tomorrow, would you stop?
4:21 am
>> if i won $20 million, wow. i would stop. >> you would stop? >> yeah, maybe. i certainly think that's a long way off. >> reporter: well, sure. when you're 19 years old, everything is a long way off. i'm john donvan in gurney, illinois. >> it blows my mind as that story highlights so well, there are professional players. this is what they do. they go gamble. >> big business. i had a friend of mine who used to work in television and he actually was a professional poker player. and it ended up he was obviously not in his teens at that point, but i think what you're seeing is sort of the swell of quick money, reality television taking really the front stage. i mean, look, everybody is drawn in that world to becoming, on television, world series of poker, it's on espn, it's very entertaining. >> everyone's running because they want to be the next guy holding up stacks of cash. >> they do.
4:22 am
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world news now delivers your "morning papers." >> all right, it is time for the "papers." and we have a whopper today. >> this thing has gone viral so we had no choice. we had to put it out there today. >> who doesn't like a dog that knows how to get down, you know what i mean? >> you've never seen anything like this. >> what dance this is? >> this is the merengue. >> the merengue dance. look at that. this dog and its owner actually made some headlines with a similar dance back in november, and it's nice to see they are back at it. as a matter of fact, they are a late add for "dancing with the stars." we just did not confirm that. but they should be, right? >> look at that. i missed a dip. dipped the dog? >> dipping the dog. do you think the dog likes this, though? >> that's a lot better than
4:26 am
fetch. look at this thing. dressed up. hopefully that's as far as this couple goes but look at that. oh, backing it up. >> i know. let's go to something -- >> there we go, yeah. >> some human interaction. >> oh, man. yes. a much more elevated scale. how about this. like you said, there's a championship thing for everything. this is the gravy wrestling championship from over in the uk. >> look at that. >> these folks, apparently 2,000 liters of gravy, 24 contestants get together and just wrestle around in this gravy. i don't know what the winner gets, a biscuit? >> hopefully a bath, a shower, something like that. >> the fourth annual world gravy wrestling championship over there in the uk. >> wow. >> that is -- you know, a little slice of humanity this wednesday morning. >> gravy, jell-o, whatever. they do have a women division too. >> that would be far more interesting. >> depends, i don't know. >> we could have some clean news
4:27 am
today too. >> right, right. let's go to some drawings. >> drawings? >> huge drawing, actually. this kind of drawing. it looks like a crop circle but it was done on black ice and it's 12 1/2 square miles. >> world's biggest drawing ever. >> ever. 13 miles across. over there in the uk. and that's a lot of space, no doubt, absolutely. >> very, very impressive there. >> and the most fun one of all today. >> of course. we leave on a family note today here during your "morning papers." we want to wish a special congratulations to rich jaime, senior video operator here, and he is a grandfather yet again. little baby born yesterday on the 31st, 5 pounds, 6 ounces. very proud grandfather. >> here on staff. >> that's right. >> charlotte, north carolina. congratulations to rich. beautiful little baby there. >> and they will not sleep at all tonight.
4:28 am
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